Add Curb Appeal with Windows

Add value to your home with curb appeal

One of the key components of your house that add value and curb appeal is your windows. A stunning Palladian arch design or a showcase bay window can turn an average home into a show stopper. There are many new designs and trends and homeowners are looking beyond the practical aspects of replacing their windows and considering the aesthetic worth for their own enjoyment, their sense of individuality and making their homes more attractive to potential buyers.

The charm of older, paned wooden windows can be replicated now with modern techniques so you don’t have to sacrifice huge savings in energy efficiency to get the look you want. Dufferin Windows Ltd. in Shelburne [Ontario, Canada] have witnessed the trends over the last four decades of manufacturing windows and continually upgrade their facility to meet with the growing demand for custom styles.

With today’s materials there are a wide range of colours and finishes for windows and the sky is the limit for homeowners to play around with ideas and showcase their home to the fullest.

Some of the features you will want to consider are trim colours, window treatments and decoration such as window boxes, or adding architectural elements to your window such as arches, deep trims and shutters.

It isn’t just the exterior of your home that benefits from a well-planned window replacement. Windows can change the whole feel and look of the interior of your home. One of the first things people notice upon entering a house are the windows and the amount of light coming into the room. A spectacular picture window can elevate a room and give your home a refined look. There are many popular trends to consider today such as awning windows, Jalousie and glass block windows.

Visit the website for Dufferin Windows here to view their photo gallery and discover new trends in window design to add curb appeal to your home while still maintaining energy efficiency and low maintenance.


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