Simple Do-It-Yourself Projects that can Upgrade a Home


Let’s face it, we have all seen pictures on Pinterest of beautiful homes and tutorials for how to get our homes to look the same way, but how many of us have actually considered trying to get our homes to match those pictures? Remodeling causes us to cringe because of all the horror stories of remodeling that we have heard from our friends, and we often avoid the idea all together because it is exhausting to even think about remodeling our homes. Many people do not realize how simple it can be to give our homes a new feel at a low cost. There are several do-it-yourself projects that can be completed in little time and make all the difference to the feel of a home. The first step is to open up the door to your storage room full of junk you do not use anymore, and utilize it in ways you never thought about.
Creating storage in a creative way
One of the biggest reasons homeowners decide to remodel is because they need more space. The longer we live in one home, the more children we have, and the more stuff accumulates. Instead of ripping down walls and spending a fortune on additions to the home, homeowners should first look where they can create more space without construction. Giving furniture multiple purposes is a great way to utilize what space homeowners already have. Install a bookshelf underneath the staircase, or a coffee table into a display case for all your knick-knacks that take up so much room. Giving furniture multiple purposes will open up space where it is needed.

Old furniture that looks like new

Before heading to the furniture warehouse to spend a fortune on new furniture, homeowners should consider re-finishing their current furniture. The DIY Network suggests that homeowners can create a lovely entryway table out of an old dresser, or they can turn it into a bookshelf creating more storage space either way. Dust off old trunks sitting in storage and use them for a coffee table or end table also utilizing it for storing blankets, books, or whatever else needs a home. Reupholstering furniture is not a difficult task, either, and can make all the difference to a room at a little cost.

Shop on a budget

One secret to sticking to a budget while upgrading a home is to shop in the scratch and dent sections at stores. Prices are substantially lowered on furniture and other products that are not in perfect condition. Most often the scratches and dents are not visible or can be easily fixed. It is also smart to shop at the end of a season when stores are clearing out products to make room for new products. Usually last season products are also marked down in price quite a bit because stores are looking to get rid of them quickly. Shopping on a budget is not as hard as it seems!

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