Design Watch: ‘Badass’ Black Invading Kitchens

Black kitchen

The kitchen has evolved from being just a “place to cook” to a major entertainment area and considering the fact that kitchen is the most used space of the home, owners are trying to design the kitchen to their own comforts and fancies.

One of the latest trends that have been catching on is the “Black Kitchen”. A feature on The Wall Street Journal reveals that the color black has slowly been creeping into the cooking area and has now totally taken over the space.

Younger home owners are now opting for deeper, darker shades of gray and black licorice to do up their kitchens and are moving away from the usual sterile white French kitchens their mothers or elders would prefer.

“Black is the new white,” and apparently its “badass” the feature notes.

But it isn’t just Black. Deeper shades have now become a fad in kitchens, be it dark greens, blues or shades of purple. Take it from the designers.

“People aren’t afraid of the dark,” Maria Stapperfenne, the 2015 president-elect of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, told The Journal.

“Dark materials create atmosphere. They are a corrective antidote to the antiseptic quality of the 20th-century white-enameled kitchen or the ‘professional’ stainless steel kitchen so recently in vogue,” added New York architect Richard Sammons, who is also a partner at design firm Fairfax & Sammons.

Kitchen designing has become as important as designing any other room. In a recent webcast with DirectBuy, Monte Young of Norecraft Caninest said that Americans are sourcing kitchen décor ideas from Houzz, Pinterest and HGTV.

Also, more Americans are putting 41 percent of their kitchen remodel money into designer cabinets and only 6 percent on countertops, which indicates storage and ease of usage is of utmost importance to today’s homeowner.

“As the hub, it becomes a consumer’s dream to design these elements together with function, practicality, and flair,” designers said of new kitchen design trends to Big Builder.


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