Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 Do-It-Yourself Costumes for Women

Halloween costumes for women 2014

People love to buy costumes, that is a fact. More and more people every year flood stores, shops, and on line websites to snag that perfect costume before they are all sold out. However, these costumes can be expensive, and many people have come to the conclusion that maybe spending money on something you will only wear one day to a year, maybe even once period (depending on how much weight you put on in one year) is not really worth the amount of money you may spend. Costumes can be fairly cheap, but they can also cost up to several hundreds of dollars, and maybe that just is not in your budget this year. There are many do it yourself ideas for Halloween when it comes to costumes, and with many items that you may already have lying around your house, perhaps you can save more money that you think this Halloween season. Less money on a costume means more money for candy, so here are some great tips for home made costumes this spooky year.

Costumes like a bag of jelly beans, Care Bears, mummies, vampires, monsters, Barbie, crayons, and more are all great costumes, and we can tell you how to make every one. By blowing up balloons and slipping into a clear trash bag, you can fill the bag with the balloons and tie it off to look like a perfect bag of candy. A Care Bear costume is as easy as making bear ears out of felt (in the right color of course), buying a colored shirt, and drawing your Care Bear symbol on a white piece of fabric and attaching it to the shirt. You will have to work on your Care Bear Stare, but it is an easy costume that is very recognized from a distance. Becoming Barbie (or Ken) is another easy experience, and all you need is a large box to decorate like any character from Barbie’s world, dress yourself just like them, and slip the box on top of yourself, making sure one side is cut out so people can see in (and you can see out).

Other costumes are made from toilet paper with food coloring added, like mummies and zombies. You can paint yourself totally green (make sure you have got old clothes you would not mind ruining), don a helmet, and be a toy soldier for Halloween. With more green paint and an odd shaped lid for your skull, you can become Frankenstein’s monster in a snap. Crayons are a great home made group costume, since all you need is colored long johns, letters made of felt, and a matching party hat. Putting “Crayola” on your costume is the hardest part of this get up.


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