Hard Rock Hotel construction to begin in Daytona Beach


Rendering of the planned Hard Rock Hotel on Daytona Beach

Author: Loren Korn, Reporter, lkorn@wkmg.com

Published On: Nov 18 2014 06:44:04 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 18 2014 06:50:40 PM 

In just weeks, crews will begin working on the new Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe.

The $100 million project will be located just one mile south of the Daytona Beach Pier. It’ll be equipped with 107 condos, a 250-seat restaurant, 360-space parking garage and four pools.

“The ambiance that they create is their brand and image is different than anything we have right now,” said Tom Caradonio, Executive Director of the Daytona Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

One thing Caradonio said about the Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe that makes it stand out is how it’ll help with the economy year round.

“If you have something that also has condos then that keeps the synergy of the property going, because there’s people there all the time,” he said.

The Waypoint Real Estate Consulting firm, which is marketing the project, said work will start within the next 60 days.

“There’s some work we have to do to the sea wall and we have to do site prep. There’s substantial work that has to be done on site prior to the vertical construction,” said Myles Newell, Principal of Waypoint Real Estate Consulting.

Newell said vertical construction will most likely start by next year and Caradonio said folks won’t be disappointed once it’s built.

“People are finally saying we need to travel, we got to have fun and what better place to do that than a beautiful beach and the ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’ on top of that. We’re spending all this for you, so come and see it, come and enjoy it,” said Caradonio.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.




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