‘Do-It-Yourself’ Christmas Decoration

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Yuletide Centerpiece.

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner! With all the decorations you have hidden in your storage space, chances are you have piled up more than you intended to keep over the years. Stumped on what to do with the extras? Get creative and take a gander on some of these quick and easy do-it-yourself Christmas decoration ideas.

Yuletide centerpiece

The fun part of making this, like all DIY projects, is using whatever you have in your home. Be sure to use a sturdy vase. You can use real twigs or the artificial kind and paint them your desired color. Adding more Christmas balls gives it volume while the ribbon complements the entire adornment. For the final touch, use either crystal beads or Christmas ball chains to hang onto the twigs. It can be used as a centerpiece, a hallway prop or can be placed at the front door.

Mason jars for sweet treats

Mason jars are used not just for food storage but also in DIY projects. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, put to good use whatever jar or empty container you have lying around the house. One way to use the jar is to make it into a centerpiece filled with candy and other Christmas treats. And if you’re opting for a more romantic setting at your house, use it as a candle holder to set the mood. You can even use it as a party favor for your Christmas parties. Adding glitter, ribbons and Christmas balls, small stockings or poinsettias will give it a festive look.

Christmas umbrellas

On its own, it looks just like an ordinary umbrella. But add some ornaments at the spike such as some Christmas balls, poinsettias and ribbons and you’ve got another addition to your holiday adornment. Aside from lace fabrics, look for red or green umbrellas and add the ornaments next. Decorate the stick of the umbrella as well with ribbons if you want. This looks best hooked on the ceiling or, depending on the size of the umbrella, can be used as another decoration on your Christmas tree.

Bag stand Christmas tree

Who knew using a bag stand and garlands to customize your very own Christmas tree actually works? Well, it does, and no need to use the wires on this one. Just tie the leaves to the bag stand and make sure to spread the garlands evenly. You can either twist it around or tie it vertically. The important thing is to make sure that you use just enough garlands to bulk up the decoration; at the same time, it’s not too heavy that it will collapse.

Christmas bouquet

This decoration is so easy and it will take you less than five minutes. Find clean empty bottles you can use to put the ornaments. Choose the ones with a wide rim so you can put a lot into it to make it big and bulky. This would look so great placed on the dining table, on a mantel, or console table for the holidays.

Greetings in medallion

This is a medallion-inspired decoration which you can hang on your wall. All you need is paint, thick pieces of paper or cartolina, styrofoam and glitter to make the sign. Choose colors fit for the occasion. To make this, you will need to evenly fold the paper as precisely as you possibly can, glue ends of paper chain together to form a circle then gather the circle together in the center, press down on the center of the circle until it comes out flat and from there you’re good to go.


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