7 Bathroom Design Trends Set to Explode in 2015

GroundReport | Author: Bob Gorman


Ornate fixtures and gaudy trim have fallen out of favor in the bathroom. Homeowners want an elegant look that’s as simple as possible. For instance, beadboard cabinets evoke a classy feel without appearing showy. When planning your own bathroom remodel, think recessed drawer handles, little or no decorative trim and a focus on clean lines. Square or rectangular light fixture shields are another great way to achieve a minimalist look.

dark tiles

Dark Tiles

Another hot trend is a move towards darker surfaces. We’re already seeing an increase in the use of navy blue, gray or black tiles for floors and walls. If you like the idea of a dark palette but still want diversity of color, go with gray or black marble tile. Another tactic worth considering is using a lighter shade of paint on wall surfaces to bring out the color of the tiles.

LED Lighting

The beauty of LED lamps is their ability to deliver a variety of color temperatures and intensities. Better yet, they’re incredibly efficient and last far longer than incandescents. Start off by affixing LED strip lights underneath cabinets and above mirrors. Shoot for a cool bulb somewhere in the neighborhood of 4100 K to avoid harsh, intense illumination. Opt for programmable motion-sensing light fixtures to make your bathroom even more relaxing.

Walk in showerWalk-In Showers

Though they’ve always been popular, walk-in showers are on the rise once again. A walk-in shower allows homeowners to incorporate other trendy elements like the aforementioned dark tiles. For a great look that never goes out of style, use copper rather than stainless steel for door handles or trim. To get the most from your walk-in shower, install a smart shower head such as Moen’s Iodigital system.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Another perennial favorite that’s picking up steam once again, clawfoot tubs are a stylistic throwback with a variety of practical advantages. Freestanding tubs are always more visually distinctive than wall-mounted shower stall and tub combinations. Modern freestanding tubs often boast a slew of fancy optional features like spa jets and automatic shut-off. With a little careful planning, you can fit both a standalone tub and a walk-in shower into the same space.

High-Tech Faucets

One of the best ways to spice up a bathroom without doing any serious demolition is installing high-tech smart faucets. Product lines like Touch2O by Delta and Motionsense by Moen give consumers an array of possibilities. Whether you prefer tap or motion-activated fixtures, there are plenty of options to choose from on the market. Look for a model with a digital temperature display that allows users to fine-tune their experience for maximum comfort.

Heated Floors

While more complicated than installing a standalone tub, putting in heated floors is an amazing upgrade well worth considering. Radiant heating systems for bathroom floors will cost about $2,000 for the average homeowner. Electric radiant heating systems don’t require a lot of demolition to install and provide even heating over any area. Today’s highly efficient models often come with remote controls, digital displays and a host of other features.

Trendiness Can Be Evergreen

If you don’t want your bathroom to look dated within a decade, putting serious thought into your selections is crucial. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to find trendy bathroom materials and components with a timeless look. If you don’t know where to start, hire an interior design consultant to walk you through the process. After all, the brainstorming phase of any home renovation is the most critical.


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