Give your home a makeover for 2015 with these top trend tips

Dulux’s Copper Blush.

By Staffordshire Newsletter  |  Posted: January 15, 2015

AN influx of new interior trends is expected for 2015 as we look to update our homes with fresh takes on seasonal themes.

The design team from Betta Living has identified a number of key trends for 2015 for fitted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices.

Betta Living’s head of design, Amanda Watson, said: “Stimuli for 2015’s top interior design trends come from all areas of our daily lives, from catwalks to a walk in the park, and classic watercolours of the 19th century to iridescent finishes from the 80s.”

There will be some strong colour trends this year with big hitters like Dulux, Pantone and fashion pundits hinting at indulgent greens, Marsala, Copper Blush and moreish custard yellow as key colours to invest in if you want to be on trend in 2015. Also look out for tangerine orange, toasted almond and glacier grey, popular in kitchens and bedrooms alike.

n 2015 the nature theme will embrace deep forest greens and earth tones


Verdant palettes in our home decors are coming from the catwalk, expressed in luxury heritage tailoring, green feathers, green sheepskin and grassy lace statement pieces.

Dulux’s colour of the year is just a softer pink/red hue named Copper Blush. This versatile pinky orange will complement grey tones, woods and metallic, especially copper.

The great outdoors will have an impact on our home interior colours and textures this year, as well as inspiring fun features such as the creation of ‘quiet zones’.

In 2015 the nature theme will embrace deep forest greens and earth tones, with the warmth of jungle climes and humid atmosphere of the rainforest, that allow rooms to live and breathe.

As well as influencing the colour palette, which will see us with almost poisonous looking colours associated with exotic frogs, lizards and spiders adorning our walls and accessories, the trend will juxtapose rich handcrafted and unfinished items with modern pieces. Salvaged wood is another key look.

Hydrophobia trend, mimicking the effect when oil hits water

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