Creative Home Design with Flea Market Finds

Over the weekend, as I was flea market shopping for some cool antiques to decorate my apartment, I unexpectedly got inspired for this week’s blog post. Whether you’re selling your home, staging it to sell, or just looking for new ideas, flea markets and thrift shops are a great place to start.

In fact, your local flea market may have more hidden gems than you think. With the right bargain and a little elbow grease, you can turn your flea market finds into beautiful, eye-catching home décor. Or, as I like to call it “shabby chic.”

Here are my favorite home decorating ideas as you embark on your next flea market excursion . . .

1. Second hand Chairs

Next time you go to a flea market, look for second-hand chairs. They’re super cheap and very easy to make over. Just make sure the chair is not broken before making your purchase. Once you get home, just grab some fabric and a staple gun for a stylish piece of décor!

2. Dresser without the drawersSecond Hand Tips

Use your imagination when shopping for old furniture at flea markets or thrift stores. Even if a dresser is missing its drawers, the shelves are still fully functional. Give the dresser a fresh coat of paint and you’re good to go!

 3. Crate Nightstand

You may think that old wooden crates from the flea market seem useless and belong in the trash, but don’t make judgments too quickly. You can easily turn 4 wooden crates into a rustic and quirky nightstand.

4. Textile Art Better Homes & Gardens

You’ll come across all sorts of scarves, textiles and fabrics at flea markets. Just find an assortment of different patterns and colors. Then, place them in frames for unique and creative wall art!

5. Drawers without the dresserBetter Homes & Gardens

If you discover random drawers without the dresser, you can use that bargain to create extra storage in your bedroom. Just attach casters to the bottoms of the drawers for awesome and functional under-bed storage units.

6. Vintage Lamp

Turn old flea market lamps into candlesticks for your living or dining room. You’ll give your home some fabulous style that’s sure to impress new homebuyers.

7. Red Wagon

This is a great and innovative way to transform an old red wagon into a shelf that can hold even more of your flea market finds like picture frames or trinkets. Just secure 3 wooden planks to fit inside the wagon, hang it on the wall, and voila!

8. Antique Racquetball Racquets

These racquets can be found for a super cheap price at flea markets. So, think outside the court and turn them into mirrors to hang on the wall in your foyer or office.

9. Globe Light

I probably saw over 10 globes at the last flea market I went to, and most of them had stands that were rusty or even broken. Detach the globe from its stand, secure a light inside, and drill holes along the continents for an awesome new light.

10. Stylish Mantel

Use the mantel in your home to display all your small flea market finds. This is a great way to add a touch of vintage charm and rustic elegance.


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